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About Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson painting in studio

Michael Jackson Painting in studio

I am a British artist, and 14 years ago made the decision to move to SW France, where I now live and work.

During this time I have been evolving as an artist, it is a maturation, a manifestation of skills acquired during a life time devoted to art.

To continue in the same vein without exploring new avenues of expression, is not just boring, but actually totally stifles my creativity. I see it as a natural process to experiment with different approaches and also using different media.

I try to approach my art with no preconceived ideas of what to fully expect, sometimes I am surprised at where the journey takes me.

Indeed, over the last five years I have been developing my skills as a sculptor, and I am excited and thrilled at the things I have conceived and made, if you would like to see my new work in more detail please follow the link to my sculpture web site, it will give you opportunity to view, what I know is a very unique and individual collection of elegantly eccentric, thought provoking art.”

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